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Hello, welcome to my page!

I am a clinical psychologist specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), with a focus on individual therapy for adults. My passion is helping people reach their full emotional potential and live a balanced life.

My main areas of expertise include online psychotherapy, career guidance, social skills, public speaking, body language, and treatment of chronic pain. I believe in an integrated approach to CBT, combining cognitive and behavioral techniques to promote positive and lasting changes in my patients' lives.

Previously, through close to two decadeds of my work as a close-up magician and illusionist, I had the ability to create moments of wonder and surprise in people's lives. And now, with my current practice as a psychologist, I have the opportunity to go beyond that. With nearly a decade of experience in psychology, I strongly believe I can offer a transformative and lasting impact on people's lives, helping them cope with challenges, overcome obstacles, and promote meaningful changes in various aspects of their lives.

Psychotherapy allows for a deep journey of self-discovery, providing a path to personal, emotional, and behavioral transformation. It is an honor to accompany my clients on this journey of change and help them achieve a meaningful and succesful life.

An experienced psychologist, seated cross-legged in a cozy armchair, holds a microphone in front of him, creating a podcasting environment in the setting of his office. A small table with a coffee mug beside it conveys a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for meaningful conversations.

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