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Pedro Magrin Tannus

Clinical Psychologist and Therapist

Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

An image depicts a computer keyboard and a mug beside it, symbolizing the online cognitive psychotherapeutic process. The keyboard represents virtual communication, where the therapist and the client connect through virtual sessions. The mug, positioned next to the keyboard, symbolizes the warm and comforting environment that can be created even at a distance. This image conveys the idea that, even online, cognitive psychotherapy provides a secure and confidential space for exploring thoughts and emotions, fostering well-being and personal growth.
About the Practice

Online Psychological Counseling is a regulated practice that adheres to Resolution CFP No. 011/2012, which was introduced by the Brazilian Federal Council of Psychology in November 2012. This resolution serves as a framework for delivering psychological services via various technological platforms, ensuring that psychotherapeutic assistance is conducted ethically and with high standards.


Online Psychological Counseling is designed to assist individuals during specific phases or challenges in their lives. It offers a secure and convenient option for seeking guidance, assessment, or support when dealing with specific issues that may arise.


Online psychotherapy provides individuals with a more comprehensive and longer-term form of psychological support. It allows for a deeper exploration of emotional concerns, facilitating personal growth and well-being over an extended period.


For further clarification about Online Psychological Counseling, you can consult the Federal Council of Psychology or the Regional Council of Psychology of São Paulo. You can also refer to the Professional Code of Ethics for Psychologists and Resolution CFP No. 11/2012, which addresses issues related to Online Psychological Counseling.

For Whom

The target audience for online therapy services consists of adults who are 18 years of age or older.

How it Works

Online Counseling provides a versatile platform for addressing various challenges, including but not limited to mood disorders, stress, depression, anxiety, medication adherence, study discipline, communication skills, posture, and body language. It encompasses a wide range of treatment options and support possibilities to meet individual needs effectively.


Sessions are conducted in real-time through video conferencing, allowing for face-to-face interaction between the client and the therapist. The standard session duration is typically 50 minutes, providing ample time for meaningful therapeutic engagement and progress.


To participate in online counseling, clients must have access to a device that has a functioning camera and microphone, or they can utilize a mobile device with these capabilities. While employing security programs such as antivirus software can enhance safety, it's important to acknowledge that online communication carries inherent vulnerabilities. In the event of any technical difficulties during a session, rescheduling can be arranged to ensure uninterrupted progress.


Confidentiality is of paramount importance in online counseling, just as it is in traditional face-to-face sessions. All information shared during online sessions is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and privacy.


Both the therapist and the client should be mindful of their surroundings during video sessions, ensuring a private and quiet environment with minimal movement. Wearing headphones can further enhance the confidentiality of the session.


Despite the precautions taken by both parties to ensure security, it's crucial to recognize that electronic communication carries inherent vulnerabilities. Therefore, both the therapist and the client should actively implement measures to protect their privacy and security. It is strongly advised for clients to avoid using public computers or shared devices when engaging in Online Psychological Counseling.


The payment process for online therapy sessions is designed to be convenient and hassle-free. Clients have the flexibility to choose from multiple payment options, including bank transfers, deposits, or PayPal, based on their preferences and convenience.


To maintain a seamless therapeutic experience, it is crucial for clients to confirm their payment before the scheduled session. This helps prevent any potential disruptions or delays and ensures that the therapeutic process can begin promptly.

Scheduling and Inquiries

Scheduling a session or seeking further information is made simple and direct. You can initiate a conversation with the therapist by clicking on the WhatsApp icon conveniently placed at the bottom of the page. This allows for seamless communication and ensures that your scheduling requests or inquiries are addressed promptly.

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